Anniversary Party with Bellinis

THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER “10K in 10 Years” Anniversary Party with Bellinis was a conceptual video party that took place on February 26, 2016 and celebrated the 10th anniversary of my first Youtube video, THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER.

Throughout the night, there were happenings and contributions by artists, friends, and family members. Read the full story below.


Ten Years Earlier...

On February 26, 2006, I uploaded my first Youtube video. The video was actually filmed by my younger sister, Hanna - I found it on our computer and uploaded it under its now historic title, “THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER.”

How crazy was that? Most commenters thought “not very.”

These were Youtube’s early days - there was already an overflow of dog content, and clickbait, though it wasn’t called that yet. I didn’t expect my joke to provoke so much anguish, and I certainly didn’t expect it to be so popular, but THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER quickly amassed thousands of views.

Over the next few years, as Youtube became even more crowded with dog videos (and algorithms adjusted), TCDE's popularity plateaued, and the view count hovered just under 10,000 for a long time. I told Hanna that if the video got 10,000 views before its 10th anniversary, I would throw a party for everyone and we would all drink Bellinis. Why Bellinis? Why not Bellinis?

After a tense few months of uncertainty, we triumphantly made it to our benchmark: 10,000 views for THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER. As promised, the party was held at my apartment on February 26, 2016, exactly ten years after the original upload.


A Group Effort

The party was even more sensational than I hoped. Artists, guests, and family generously contributed their vibrant energy and creativity to collaboratively make the night extraordinary.

My mom made a very special cheesecake

Hanna, my sister and TCDE's cinemadographer, made a heartfelt tribute video.

The artist Gen Ken Montgomery presented two laminated certificates and a trophy to commemorate the occasion. Ken also laminated smaller versions of the certificates for guests to take home and made a short film called "Freaky Bellinis."

Aptly named and legendary comedy writer Paul Bellini offered his blessings for TCDE in a video greeting, and David Bernier drove from Virginia to attend and meticulously documented the event on video.


The Craziest Song Ever

Toward the end of the party, we sang an original song, “A Really Crazy Dog.”
Between each chorus, guests took turns reciting Youtube comments on TCDE's video page.

For the rest of the evening, THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER looped on the projector screen and Bellinis were enjoyed.
We celebrated "10K in 10 Years" in style and remembered the one and only star of TCDE, Maggie Finchler (2000-2009).

Thanks to Jon Dieringer for photos and to David Bernier for video stills from the party.

And thank you for reading. If you weren't there, I wish you could've been.

Forever 10K,

Event Program
Photos from the party


A Tribute to Maggie by Hanna Finchler
A Message from Paul Bellini
Crazy Bellinis by Gen Ken Montgomery