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Himalayan Heart Gen Ken & Finchler - "Gearing Up For Nothing"
Music Video, 2016

Gearing up for something! Watch at or go direct.
Himalayan Heart Charlotte Cornfield - "No Spook"
Music Video, 2016

Co-directed with Hanna Finchler and featuring the inimitable Dave Finchler, then and now. Watch
Himalayan Heart Adam Finchler & David Greenberg - "Dunked Under"
Music Video, 2016

Co-directed with David, this is the first Ginkner video. Watch
Himalayan Heart David B. Greenberg - "Himalayan Heart"
Music Video, 2014

Acknowledging the puzzles of the soul at a majestic NJ landmark. Watch
Ought - Today More Than Any Other Day Ought - "Today More Than Any Other Day"
Music Video, 2014

Transcendent minutiae in Kensington, Brooklyn. Watch
Feed All God's Children
Promotional, 2012

Promotional piece about Feed All God's Children, a soup kitchen run six days per week in Freehold, NJ by Jim Benedict. Music by Ollie North. Watch
Sk8 It Cool Sk8 It Cool
Short Narrative, 2012

Dramatic public service announcement about loneliness, anxiety, and urban sports. Starring and co-written by Hanna Finchler. Music by The Finchlers. Watch
The Finchlers - Funksgiving The Finchlers - "Funksgiving"
Music Video, 2012

Deep resentment is unearthed at an annual feast. Watch
why move out
Short Narrative, 2012

Dinner for one, Friday night in the fortress. Music by Paul Simon. Watch
Golden Bay Towers Golden Bay Towers
Short Documentary, 2012

Our Florida vacation. Starring Hanna Finchler, Mom, Dad, Aunt Madeleine, and Uncle Sol. Watch
Swamplife The Finchlers - "Swamplife"
Music Video, 2012

Two teenagers lament their particular existence. Video directed by David B. Greenberg. Watch
The Finchlers - "Thanksgiving Song #1"
Music Video, 2011

The Finchlers' debut song. Watch
Shopping For The Hurricane Shopping For The Hurricane
Short Documentary, 2011

One family's desperate search for supplies before an imminent storm. Starring Hanna Finchler, Scott Finchler, and Michele Finchler. Watch
Quantums From Blazar The Quantums From Blazar
Short Sci-Fi, 2007

Shot on analog hi-8 tape when I was in high school, this movie won me a small scholarship from the Red Bank Int'l Film Festival in 2008. Loosely inspired by Tom Graeff's Teenagers from Outer Space and Nick Webster's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Starring Matt Picerno, Michael Simpson, Ryan Salisbury, Ryan Mueller, and Lisa Crisalli. Watch
A Short Locker Room Scene Followed By 38 Seconds of People Falling Through the Inner Reproductive System A Short Locker Room Scene Followed By 38 Seconds of People Falling Through the Inner Reproductive System
Short Narrative, 2007

No mystery here. Starring Mike Simpson, Andrew Sparacio, and Jeremy Gilstein. Featuring many others. Watch
Teleportation Pants Teleportation Pants
Short Narrative, 2007

A young boy purchases an exciting new product. Starring and co-written by Ryan Salisbury. Watch
My Life at Holmdel High School My Life at Holmdel High School
Short Narrative, 2006

Directorial debut, inspired by incidents of homophobic abuse that resulted in the lawsuit Wadington v. Holmdel Township Board of Education. Starring Jen Blakeslee. Co-written by Alex Greenberg. Watch