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Golden Rings

Golden Rings
Digital Single (2016, Don Giovanni)
CD/Potato (2016, Ginkner) Listen

1. Golden Rings
2. Mister Death
Gearing Up For Nothing

Gearing Up For Nothing
Gen Ken & Finchler
Cassette Single (2015, Ginkner)
Watch // Listen

1. Gearing Up For Nothing
2. Postcard
Hair Gimmicks of Apathy

Hair Gimmicks of Apathy
Adam Finchler
CDR (2011, Self)
Cassette w/button (2012, Bear Records)

1. Elvis Thermometer
2. Freaky Painting MP3
3. This Sign (Used to be Green)
4. I Love the Woods MP3
5. Ghost Town
6. President Coolidge Video
High Octane

High Octane
Rubber Molding
CDR (2008, Hello/Don Giovanni)

1. High Octane MP3
2. Binary Code MP3
3. I Hate Taxes
4. Esophagactus Boy
5. Slaughterhouse Woman
6. Shakespeare
7. British People
8. Landscape Architect MP3
9. Eleanor Roosevelt
10. Lemonade Stand
Sonic Pleasures of Christmas

Sonic Pleasures of Christmas
Michael and Adam
CDR (2007, self)

1. Merry Christmas MP3
2. Rock n' Roll Christmas
3. Christmas Rap
4. I Love You This Christmas MP3
5. Punk Rock Christmas
6. Ambient Christmas
7. Christmas Rock
8. Maybe This Christmas
9. Time Signature Christmas MP3
10. A Christmas Farewell
Me and John McCain
Adam Finchler
Digital single (2007)

1. Me and John McCain MP3
CDR (2007, self)

1. Pretty Toy
2. World's Fair MP3
3. Sunday Newspaper
4. Mr. Airplane Man MP3
 No shows scheduled
4.16.16 Brooklyn, NY - Gold Sounds w/ Fucko, Hot Knife
2.17.16 Providence, RI - AS220 w/ Hot Tramps, Yuna, Favourite
1.28.16 Broollyn, NY - Legion Bar, I'd Rather Be Weird Than Good Variety Hour w/ Katey von Schleicher, Danger Boys, Sea Urchin
12.20.15 Boston, MA - Middle East Upstairs w/ Lady Pilot, Birdwatching, Friends Like Family
11.19.15 Hamilton, ON - Casino Artspace w/ Decomposeur, Butcher Boy, Baked Goods
11.18.15 Toronto, ON - Burdock Music Hall w/ Bob Wiseman, Bert Sugar
11.17.15 Buffalo, NY - 807 Niagara St.
11.15.15 Worcester, MA - George's Coney Island w/ Scyk, Matt Fox
11.14.15 Turners Falls, MA - The Brick House Community Resrouce Center w/ FDOME, Holy Vex
11.11.15 Brooklyn, NY - Don Pedro w/ Gen Ken, Mandek Penha
9.29.15 Montreal, QC - The Paint w/ The Past, Skin Tone, Caro Diaro
9.20.15 Bayonne, NJ - Lot 13 w/ Flying Faders, Secretary Legs, Shark Jumper
8.31.15 New York, NY - Cake Shop w/ Very Fresh and Rubber Molding
8.10.15 Bayonne, NJ - Lot 13 w/ Shark Jumper and Fuck You Idiot
8.01.15 Brooklyn, NY - 210 Cook Street #302 w/ Julian Cartwright
6.30.15 New York, NY - PATH Cafe (solo) w/Margot Fox
6.27.15 Brooklyn, NY - Sugartown (365 Vernon Ave #1) w/Pinegrove (NJ), Wifey (mems basic shapes)
6.27.15 Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Atlantic Highlands Classic Car Show w/ Plato Zorba
6.26.15 Asbury Park, NJ - Langosta Lounge w/Black Wine
5.25.15 SOLO at Mellow Pages w/Cindy Lou Gooden, Takunda Matose (Balt), and Special Guest
5.23.15 FINCHLER @ Don Pedro w/MC Matt Strickland, Basic Shapes, Spacer, James Folta, and Joe Rumrill
5.14.15 New York, NY - Niagara w/ Bodega Bay
5.19.15 Brooklyn, NY - FINCHLER @Palisades w/Glueboy, others TBA
4.24.15 Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Yacht Club
4.21.15 Brooklyn, NY - Don Pedro
4.02.15 New York, NY - Finchler @Bowery Electric
3.08.15 Boston, MA - Solo at Aviary Gallery w/ ACLU Benefit, Doug Linse, Mike Kerr & Meghan Knowles
1.02.15 Asbury Park, NJ - Finchler @Asbury Park Yacht Club w/ Plato Zorba, Rockets to Mars
12.17.14 Finchler @Coco 66 w/The Grand Pantrymen, Specific Thing
11.22.14 Solo @ Brooklyn House Show
11.20.14 Finchler @Coco 66 w/Legz, Ink Mouth, Megan Elise
11.17.14 Solo @Trash Bar w/Katie Von Schleicher, Wilder Maker, Very Fresh, Isaac Gillespie
10.16.14 Finchler @Don Pedro w/ Vulture Shit, Specific Thing, Washer
9.27.14 Finchler @Shea Stadium w/Nuclear Santa Claust, Thin Lips, and Black Wine
9.16.14 Finchler @Palisades w/OxenFree, Silver Dollars, Foreign Speakers, Jagged Leaves
8.28.14 Finchler @Legion Bar - I'd Rather Be Weird Than Good Variety Hour w/comedians Tanisha Long, Morgan Miller, Brett Davis, Akilah Hughes
8.20.14 Finchler @Palisades w/Cannonball Statman, Ray Brown, Duckspeak, Doug Linse
8.08.14 Finchler @Spike Hill w/Designing Women, Specific Thing (mems Flagland), Legz
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