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Stephanie Delazeri Animation with 'President Coolidge'

Stephanie Delazeri made this incredibly perfect animation set to my song President Coolidge (!!!!)

President Coolidge from Stephanie Z. Delazeri on Vimeo.

You can see more of her amazing work here

Under the paving stones, the beach

Composed the music for Amanda Katz's short experimental film "Under the paving stones, the beach", which will play at Athens International Film and Video Festival and San Francisco International Film Festival this month.
[UPDATE: AIFVF has been rescheduled for October.]

Under The Paving Stones


Giving a presentation of my in-progress documentary Hilaria at this year's MDOCS forum, themed "Humor: Laughing with Reality" at Skidmore College.

"Me and John McCain" - still relevant(?)

Grim Review

Just found this review of "What's Up Grim": Haunted Hayriders in Their Own Words in Maximumrocknroll. Thanks MRR!

Grim Review

Get your own copy, signed by Grim

Merch Table

Looking for new ways to cover gas expenses in the digital age. You can now purchase all of my music in the form of the Power Potato, which is also an actual potato. Also pictured is the complete collection of my own Youtube videos from 2006-2014, dubbed manually to VHS.

New Brunswick Tonight

Solo set tonight at Volume IV in New Brunswick, NJ with Exmaid, Blankside, and Secretary Legs

Blunt Unsolicited Critique

Alex Greenberg and I found the old demo tapes of our early 80s NYHC band, but all we recorded was 87 different takes of Leonard Cohen�s "There is a War." This is the best one.

Lord Litter Interview

Right now at Radio On Berlin you can listen to an hour long radio show about my music - from early Rubber Molding to the Sonic Pleasures of Christmas to Hair Gimmicks of Apathy to Gen Ken & Finchler. Interviews too, hosted by the one and only Lord Litter:

FINCHLER Debut Single//Shows in NJ, Germany, LA

1) Happy to announce that my band FINCHLER's debut single, Golden Rings/Mister Death, is now out on Don Giovanni Records. You can listen to it here or on most any streaming/downloading platform that people tend to use. It's out there. CoolDadMusic did a great write-up too, which you can check out here.

Golden Rings and Mister Death are the product of the hard work and insight of my wonderful band of dear friends, David Greenberg and Julian Cartwright. I wrote the songs in NJ a few years ago and since then we've all worked together to bring them to life. Seriously, you should all be jealous that I get to play with these two. You should also try to see them play live sometime. Which brings me to�.

2) I have a few upcoming shows, some in new places:


9/17 - Asbury Park, NJ @ The New Alternative Music Festival (Langosta Lounge)
9/26 - New York, NY @ The Bowery Electric w/COFFIN, Monster Bad, Mean Siders


10/8 - Berlin, DE @ Artliners w/Patrick Calvert
10/11 - Cologne, DE @ Die h�ngenden Garten von Ehrenfeld
10/12 - Mannheim, DE @ Theaterhaus G7 w/Seth Faergolzia's Multibird
10/14 - Freiburg, DE @ TBA

11/14 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington

See you at the shows and stay tuned for more music!



Gen Ken & Finchler on Ginkner,

Introducing Gen Ken & Finchler, a new collaborative band featuring pioneering sound and mail artist Gen Ken Montgomery. Watch the new music video for "Gearing Up For Nothing" and see for yourself.

A little while ago, David Greenberg and I started a label and press called Ginkner. On July 24, Ginkner will release a cassette single of Gearing Up For Nothing and b-side Postcard. Both songs were written by Ken in the 80s and given the 2016 rock treatment by us (featuring Ken singing) for this release. This is Ken's first foray into rock n roll and we're all honored to be a part of it. Each cassette includes a one-of-a-kind art postcard from Ken, to be received at a later date - the gift that keeps on giving. Join us on the 24th for the release show at Don Pedro, listed above. You can also view the video and follow a link to pre-order the tape at its special home, Six o's and you know!

New Video: Charlotte Cornfield - "No Spook"

Longtime Finchler and frequent collaborator Hanna Finchler and I made a music video for Canadian powerhouse songwriter Charlotte Cornfield. The video for No Spook stars the inimitable Dave Finchler (our "Pop-Pop") as MC protagonist.

THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER "10K in 10 Years" Anniversary Party with Bellinis

This Friday, February 26, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first YouTube video, THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER.

I told my sister that if "THE CRAZIEST DOG EVER" collects 10,000 views by the tenth anniversary of its upload (Feb 26, 2006), I would throw a party for everyone and we would all drink Bellinis. Well, it happened. The video currently has 10,049 views and everyone has earned a Bellini.

***Craziest Dog Ever Party***
February 26th, 2016
210 Cook Street #302 (Black door across from White St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11206
More Info: FB Event

Expect many wonders, including a looping video installation, guest appearances, unique comment-related participation opportunities, and of course homemade Bellinis.*

*Non alcoholic ones too

See you Friday night for "10K in 10 Years!!"

Dunked Under

The ever-talented David Greenberg and I have a new video and song collaboration called "Dunked Under."

The Sonic Pleasures of Christmas

Dear Everyone

Come one, come two, come three, come a few more (but space is limited).

We, the delightful folks at [email for address], corrosively invite you to our Christmas Party on the lovely date of Friday, December 18th at the standard and perfect time of 7:32 p.m.

There will be light

~ Snacks ~ Ryan will provide us with hors d'oeuvres du pizza from the world famous [redacted]'s Pizza.

as well as

~ Eggnog ~ Somehow we will learn what it is and how to make it for you, in time. (Limited so BYO too)

and of course fine

~ Music ~ Gen Ken Montgomery will play a few original Christmas tunes followed by a special intimate performance of the timeless classic The Sonic Pleasures of Christmas (2007) by Michael and Adam.


Bring your friends, lovers, ex-friends, future lovers, maybe some chips, and literally anyone else. It's Christmas. Soon.



"Grim Outlook" Tour 2015

I'm going on a solo tour of the northeast! I'll have copies of "What's Up, Grim?" and all my YouTube videos on VHS. Here are the dates:

11.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Don Pedro w/Gen Ken, Mandek Penha FB
11.14 - Turners Falls, MA - The Brick House Community Resource Center w/FDOME, Holy Vex FB
11.15 - Worcester, MA - George's Coney Island w/Styk, Matt Fox (Early show) FB
11.16 - ?????
11.17 - Buffalo, NY - 807 Niagara St. - "Show and Tell"
11.18 - Toronto, ON - Burdock Music Hall w/Bob Wiseman, Bert Sugar FB
11.19 - Hamilton, ON - Casino Artspace w/Decomposeur, Butcher Boy, Baked Goods
"What's Up, Grim?": Haunted Hayriders In Their Own Words - Book Release October 23rd (BK) and 24th (NJ)

This month will mark the official release of "What's Up, Grim?": Haunted Hayriders In Their Own Words.


"What's Up, Grim?" is book of actual quotations from customers at a haunted hayride in New Jersey. The quotations were recorded by The Grim Reaper during the 2012 Halloween season. The book was then assembled with due diligence by yours truly. The quotations run the gamut from cute to disturbing, nonsensical to carnivalesque. I am horrified at the thought of finally releasing this thing - which I've been working on for almost three years - and you should be too.

Two book release events are planned, both with personal appearances by the Grim Reaper and his legion of creeps:

* Friday, October 23rd at Molasses Books in Brooklyn (8pm) FB
* Saturday, October 24th at Paranormal Books & Curiosities in Asbury Park, NJ (6:30pm) FB

Finally, don't take my word for it - here is some of what my colleagues have had to say;

"This book was put together by an extremely young man named Adam. I've never met him, but the book is surprisingly true to my experience at this particular haunted hayride in New Jersey."
-- The Grim Reaper

"Adam Finchler's collection of the delightful, disjointed, offensive, and at times inexplicable utterings of visitors to a New Jersey haunted hayride is part ethnographic inquiry, part weirdo prose poetry. The offhand comments he recorded are, at their best, tiny flickers of insight into complete strangers' truest selves. Read all together they feel like a fitting expression of the absurdity of these modern times."
-- Amelia Schonbek, journalist,, Maisonneuve, The Walrus

"Up a backwoods road somewhere in New Jersey, after the slaughterhouse and the terror barn and the mad doctors, sits the plywood mortuary of the 'grim rizzzeaper,' an obscure object of American love, hate, disgust, job offers, and existential anxiety. His axe is cute, his butt nicely shaped, but once Grim doesn't laugh or tremble or accept your friend request, he transforms into a painful memento mori of the suburbs: 'Why me?' 'I don't want to die,' 'I'm not ready to die!' Finchler's collection is a vital, bittersweet book of the dead for our times, taking the dimensions of our half-ironic vanitas in a land where the mortality rate only declines, where death can only smell great, kiss you, high five you, text you, call you baby, cameo on Family Guy, and root for the Dolphins."
-- Ryan Healey, writer, The New Inquiry, Harper's, Bookforum

"Adam Finchler has always had the ability to take the absurd and elevate it to an art. I really don't know anyone else who could make a book like this work, but Finchler has managed to curate quotes from his time spent as Grim Reaper in a New Jersey haunted hayride into a collection to be treasured."
-- Joe Steinhardt, founder of Don Giovanni Records

The Plant and The Past

Playing a solo set at The Plant in Montreal on Tuesday 9.29 with The Past, Caro Diaro, and Skin Tone. A truly amazing bill. Jack Deming's The Past is not to be missed.

The Plant 9.29.2015

The Show and The Slice

We had a great time at Lot 13 in Bayonne last night. Thanks to Shark Jumper, The Flying Faders, and Secretary Legs. I was trying to remember the pizza place we attended for Jimmy Shark, it is called San Vito's. We all agreed it was an an exceptional slice. Would definitely go back.

San Vito

The Tape

We have a new merch item available at all future shows. Total run time: 75 minutes.

Films on VHS

Bayonne this Sunday will be extra special!

Sunday, Sep 20

New Shows Added

^8/1 - Brooklyn, NY - 210 Cook Street #302 w/Julian Cartwright - 8pm, Contact for details
^8/10 - Bayonne, NJ - Lot 13 w/ Shark Jumper, and Fuck You, Idiot
*8/31 - New York, NY - Cake Shop w/Very Fresh, Rubber Molding - 8pm
*9/20 - Bayonne, NJ - Lot 13 w/ Flying Faders, Secretary Legs, and Shark Jumper


Big Weekend

I have four (4) shows coming up:

*6/26 - Asbury Park, NJ - Langosta Lounge w/Black Wine - 9pm, Free
*6/27 - Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Atlantic Highlands Classic Car Show w/ Plato Zorba - 1:30pm, Free
^6/27 - Brooklyn, NY - Sugartown (365 Vernon Ave #1) w/Pinegrove (NJ), Wifey (mems basic shapes) - 6pm
^6/30 - New York, NY - PATH Cafe (solo) w/Margot Fox - 7pm


Back in Asbury Park

Just added a show in Asbury Park with Black Wine who I dreamt about last night!

Langosta Lounge
Brooklyn Memorial

Two shows coming up for the long weekend:

> FINCHLER @ Don Pedro w/MC Matt Strickland, Basic Shapes, Spacer, James Folta, and Joe Rumrill
> SOLO at Mellow Pages w/Cindy Lou Gooden, Takunda Matose (Balt), and Special Guest

Infinite Owl ChristieThis photo is for Saturday (tomorrow) at Don Pedro, which we are calling "CIVIL LIBERTIES IN A COFFIN LIVE" after recent remarks given by the man himself. Based on Matt Strickland's avant-garde masterpiece "Infinite Owl". See you there!
FINCHLER shows in Brooklyn and NJ this week

We've got two shows coming up. Here's the absolutely perfect flyer for the first one (Tuesday) by Julian Cartwright himself:

Don Pedro

Then on Friday we're playing a free show at the Asbury Park Yacht Club in Asbury Park, NJ with The Barrbarians. We're on at 9pm. Next door in the Langosta Lounge our old friends Plato Zorba and Sonni Shine will be playing, so that will be a double whammy and a party. Why don't you "press your luck" and come watch some great music, because...

"We're having a party" - famous Asbury Park band

Head Table


Last night, while walking down a small, residential street in Brooklyn, I passed a man who was sitting by a tree on the sidewalk, talking on his cell phone. It was a nice night, the moon was glowing, and the man's conversation seemed to me like nothing out of the ordinary. A few steps later, an NYPD car pulled up, and three cops emerged, swiftly walked toward the man. The cops were young, white men. The man on the phone was black, maybe in his 50s. I stood there, looked on as they approached him. One of them asked him, "Do you live around here?" The street was empty except the five of us. The man said "Yes." The cops noticed me standing there, watching. They turned back to the man and one of them said, "Ok, thank you, goodnight." As they walked back toward their squad car, one of them turned to me and said "You're good, buddy," in a nervous tough-guy tone, as if to say "Get out of here." I kept watching but didn't respond. They drove away and the man continued his conversation on his front lawn.

I tend not to editorialize too much. But this experience was deeply unsettling. Would those cops EVER have asked ME if I "lived around here"? No way in hell. The cops clearly had no prior relationship to this guy. Still, they approached him as if he was doing something suspicious despite that he was talking on his cell phone in the most tranquil way imaginable. And what to make of their abrupt departure once they saw that they were being observed? This street was completely empty besides the five of us. These cops saw me there witnessing whatever was about to happen, and that caused them noticeable discomfort. I don't want to think about what they were planning to do with this man.

The man did not react with outrage - he was calm throughout. If I were approached aggressively by cops for no discernible reason and asked if I belonged, you know I'd be shocked and incredulous. These cops defined this man as out of place simply by looking at the color of his skin. If you haven't already, please try to think about how humiliating that is.

We hear about such incidents all the time, and many of us choose to ignore them. But it needs to be said: what happened to this man is not acceptable. It is worse than an insult, and it is worse than bullying. These cops saw this man as matter out of place - they saw him as dirt. Why?

FINCHLER shows in New York and New Jersey

Hey, so we're almost done with our recordings, more news on that to come. But we have a few shows lined up for the Spring:

April 2nd - NYC - Bowery Electric
April 21st - BK - Don Pedro
April 24th - NJ - Asbury Park Yacht Club
May 19th - BK - Palisades

In the meantime, here's a blurry picture of Ryan (from Parkour Lenninberg and Rubber Molding) gazing at Philip Glass from like 10 ft. away:

FINCHLER in Asbury Park Friday 1/2

This Friday, FINCHLER is playing in Asbury Park, NJ at the Asbury Park Yacht Club (actually a bar, not a yacht club). Two of us are from that area so we're really excited to see some old friends! With Plato Zorba and A Rocket to Mars. Show is a tribute to one of Rob Zorba's favorite flicks, New Year's Evil. Free show! See you there!

Zoe Koke designed this amazing flyer for the FINCHLER show at Coco SixtySix!

Finchler Flyer

Check out Zoe's art and film work at

Brooklyn Shows Added, Freedom Tower Window Washers, GIFs

Hey everybody, I just added a bunch of upcoming shows, some solo and some with Finchler. Check 'em out:

11/17 - SOLO at Trash Bar w/ Katie Von Schleicher, Wilder Maker
11/20 - FINCHLER at Coco 66 with Legz, Ink Mouth, and Megan Elise
11/22 - SOLO at House Show (msg for info)
12/17 - FINCHLER at Coco 66 with the amazing Grand Pantrymen and Specific Thing

The other day I wrote a song about the Freedom Tower window washers as they dangled from it. I posted the song on social media 30 minutes after they were rescued. Just a bit of 'music journalism' for ya. Listen here:

Last thing: check out these gifs from our show at Don Pedro with Vulture Shit/Specific Thing/Washer!!

Adam @ Don Pedro  David @ Don Pedro  Julian @ Don Pedro
New Music Video for David B. Greenberg: "Himalayan Heart"

Just finished a new music video for one-of-a-kind songwriter and lifelong friend David B. Greenberg! The video, for David's song "Himalayan Heart", premiered today at yvynl. Himalayan Heart is the first track on his latest album "You Are the Greatest", which you can get digitally on Bandcamp or on cassette at Dave's site. You can also check it out in Film/Video.

New Brooklyn Shows Added for August

Check out the Shows on the music page for info on upcoming FINCHLER shows.

Ought Video on Chart Attack Best-of-the-Month

Chart Attack included my video for Ought's Today More Than Any Other Day in their list of the 20 best music videos of June 2014. Lots of amazing videos on there (check out Soft Pink Truth's "Black Metal" by Max Elibacher). Thanks Chart Attack!

Ought Video Released!

I made a music video with my Montreal lifepals Ought and here it is on Pitchfork! Shout out to the mouth of Charlotte Cornfield.

New Site

The first news is always the hardest to say well, but here we go: I finally have a website for my music, film/video, and miscellaneous other artwork. Very special thanks to Scott Finchler (relation) for coding this from scratch and helping me design it over the past few months.

While you're here, check out the music-tour page for upcoming dates and check back in a few days for a sweet music video announcement.

There's a link at the bottom to join my email list if you want to stay updated, and you can click the centipede if you want to simply send me an email.

Hope you enjoy the site. Lots of news to come.
Talk soon,